What’s a Cat Cafe

What is a Cat Cafe?


cat cafe is a cat theme cafe whose main attraction are furry felines that can be watched, fed and played with while soaping a cup of coffee. The first “cat cafe” “Cat Flower Garden” opened in Taipei in 1998.  It quickly became popular with visitors from Japan as well as local community, who enjoyed the opportunity to interact with cats. The concept of Cat Cafe expanded into Japan when one of the Japanese visitors took the idea back to his country and then the first Japanese cat cafe  “Neko no Jikan(Cat’s time)” was opened in Osaka in 2004.  Now Japan as a whole has over 150 cafe cats active. No suprise given the fact that cat cafes have already spreaded around the whole world pretty much. We won’t list all of them in this post, but you will find them in our website directory or blog posts.

Many give credit for the growth of the cat cafes to tourists, but that’s not always the case, you can find many local people happily playing with cats and relaxing too as apparently this a working stress relief activity. Apart from having cats, cat food and playground, a cat cafe usually also offers food and drinks, but visitors actually pay for their time there and everything else is included in that price usually. In most cat cafes people are free to use cat toys, laptops, iPads , Wii, Books, watch tv or charge your cell phone and you can take pictures without flash. Although there are cat cafe supervisors at all times, cat still can hurt you like scratch or bite, you would be then given a first aid, however cat cafes do not bear your  medical expenses. You’ll be even more happy to visit cat cafe once you get to know that the cats there come from shelters and you can adopt them!




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